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Jalyn DeBarge captures the amazing moments you never even knew happened because you were too busy bustling your wedding dress.

Her mile-wide smile is guaranteed to light up even your grumpiest guests, inspiring confidence and craziness in front of the mirror.


Fun fact: Did you know Jalyn's uncle was married to Janet Jackson and performed the 80s mega-hit "Rhythm of the Night"? 


Yeah, *that* DeBarge.


Not to worry: Jalyn's not here to steal your shine, only to reveal it...


THE ROOTS OF THE FUNKTOWN PHOTObooth GO BACK TO FUNKTOWN, the lakeside oakland neighborhood where jalyn debarge Married Richard gintowt on a smoky november evening in 2018.


as the owner of all ears dj, Richard had deejayed more than 500 weddings by the time he met Jalyn. now they're a team In Life and in business: richard rocks the party, and j is the photobooth queen.

Ain't no party like a funktown party.

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